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Honorary Members

Rob Arnold

Rob was a founder member of the club and the chairman for the first 3 years. Over 20 years later he is still training with the club and competing regularly.  Rob can usually be found leading the fast lane at the Saturday morning swim sessions.

Dave Leak

Like Rob Arnold, Dave was another founder member of the club. From 1989 to 2002 he was officially the Club Secretary and responsible for producing the monthly newsletter (that's over 150 issues!) although in reality he pretty much ran the whole club laying solid foundations to make it what it is today. Gradually towards the later 90's other people stepped forward to help out and to eventually take over when Dave moved to London. His responsibilities extended to chairing the AGM, chairing the monthly meeting at the Police Club and his newsletter was always eagerly received, not least because of Dave's gentle wit in his writing style. As well as organising the Knutsford Triathlon he also organised a duathlon series at the Abraham Moss Centre in Crumpsall as well other informal duathlons. The major change that Dave helped bring in was supporting Mark Tweedie's proposal for Gold, Silver and Bronze membership which was ground breaking stuff at the time, and a major change as members had been paying £10 a year membership previously and now they were being asked to pay a lot more. It's probably fair to say that without Dave's commitment back then we perhaps wouldn't have the club structure we have now.  We're glad to report Dave is now back in Manchester training and competing with the club again. He has also taken on the role as our official historian.

Carine Van Schie


Perry Huizer


Jeff Sherrin

Jeff was treasurer of Manchester Triathlon Club for 8 years between 2000 and 2008.  During this time he had to manage the clubs finance through some major changes mainly due to the dramatic increase in membership and the size of the training programme.  Luckily for the club Jeff was just the man for the job and was always one step ahead of the game pointing out potential problems well before they occurred.  Without Jeff there is no way that the club would have been able to successfully grow into what it has become today.

Dave Quartermain

Dave Quatermain became involved with Manchester Triathlon Club in 1995, taking over the coaching of the clubs swim session at Miles Plating Pool in Varley Street.  In 1997 Dave started Swim Conditioning classes at Moss Side for Manchester Leisure but, as these sessions were dominated by triathletes, they were adopted as the official MTC sessions and taken over by the Club, to be joined later by sessions at the Aquatics Centre. For a number of years Dave was coaching for the club four times each week and helping the club to grow to what it is today. Dave's first love has always been open water swimming and in 1998 Dave started coaching sessions at Salford Quays.  He also organised regular trips to Cumbria to swim famous lakes such as Coniston and Windermere. In 2007 Dave began some new open water sessions at Boundary Water Park which are still running during the summer months.  Dave is still coaching regularly for the club and continues to encourage everyone who will listed to give Open Water swimming a try.

Nick Thomas