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The newsletter is sent out 6 times a year, it is sent by e-mail and can also be downloaded from the website.

If you have anything you wish to go into the newsletter such as race results, race write ups, events, photos, coaching articles, then send it to the editor at

All previous newsletters are available to download from the Newsletters section of the website. These are mostly in pdf file but some are in word format.


The primary club e-mail address to which general queries should be sent is

If you want to send an e-mail to the MTC committee again go to the committee page where e-mail addresses of all the committee members can be found.

Please note that our club triathlon, the Manchester Boundary Breeze Sprint has its own e-mail address. If you have any questions about Boundary Breeze use

Mailing List

All club members are added to our mailing list. Important club announcements will be email out via this list.


Our official facebook page is:


You can view our latest tweets via our facebook page or the homepage of our website.  To follow us on Twitter visit:


We encourage all members to keep in touch via our forum: - NO COMMERCIAL POSTS PLEASE


If you've got photos related to Manchester Triathlon Club then you can add them to our Flickr Group: - NO COMMERCIAL POSTS PLEASE

Training Calendar

The definitive guide to what training sessions and events are on when (and where):. It's the best place to find out if something has been cancelled:

You can view a summary of our training sessions on the website here, but this won't tell you if sessions have been cancelled/changed on a praticular day: