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Run Workshop

So I do all this running, but I don't seem to get that much better year on year, how come?

Where am I going wrong?

Come along to the run workshop to find out what you're missing, ask all those questions you never quite get chance to ask at the track.

Paul Savage and Tony Jolly will run a two hour workshop on running form and training that will aim to get you running faster.  Explain how to build your own running programme and give pointers as to what to do to avoid injuries, and run better.

Because learning to run well is a practical activity there will be a series of four follow-on practical sessions at Longford park available to those who come to the classroom based session.  Places at the practical session are limited, but if there is demand we may run further sessions later in the year.

Classroom Workshop
Date :
12 June 2015
Where: Stretford Leisure Centre
Places: 20
Time: 7-9pm
Cost: Free for Gold members, 1 voucher for Bronze members

Practical SessionsDates : 17th/24th June and 1st/8th July
Where: Longford Track
Time : 6-7pm
Places : 10
Cost: Free for Gold members, 1 voucher for Bronze members
These sessions will be predominately drill based, so it would be feasible and we've planned it so you could take part in some or all of the track sessions as normal afterwards.

How to sign up: Sign up on the forum link or email