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Sign In

At the beginning of every coached session ALL members must 'Sign-in'. The 'Sign-In' process is important as it allows us to:

  • Check membership status
  • Collect up to date emergency contact information if those on your membership card are out of date
  • Collect training vouchers from bronze members
  • Check all members are fit, healthy and able to take part in the session
  • Take a register of attendance, which may be needed in case of evacuation
NOTE: Non-members are not able to train in coached sessions, but are welcome to watch the session. This is because our current club insurance policy does not cover non-members training in sessions.

What is the Sign-In Process?

Note you may be refused access to a venue of a club session if you cannot produce a club membership card.

Upon arrival members should complete one row of the sign in sheet:
  • Name - Your first name and surname
  • Membership Type - Gold, Junior Gold, Bronze, Junior Bronze
  • Medical Conditions? - Any medical conditions that may affect your participation in the session or that the coach should be aware of? - Answer YES or NO.
  • Special Requirements? - Any other information the coach should be aware of that may affect your participation in the session? - Answer YES or NO.
  • Signature - Sign to confirm that the information is correct and that you have read and understand the following disclaimer:
Disclaimer: By signing this sheet you are declaring yourself fit to take part in this session. If you have ticked the medical conditions or special requirements boxes it is your responsibility to highlight this to the coach/s and complete and sign an MTC Participant Information Sheet. This sheet is only valid for that session and a new sheet will need to be completed at subsequent sessions.
  • Emergency Contact - If the emergency contact information on the members card is out of date they should complete the emergency contact details on the back of the sign in sheet.

Any member that answers YES to having medical conditions or special requirements that may affect their participation in the session should highlight this to the coach and discuss how this may impact their participation in the session. If you don't this will delay the start of the session.

Next members should show their card to the membership represntative so they can confirm your membership status. Bronze members should also present one training voucher with their name and the session date written on the back along with their card.

If no membership representative is present the coach will check the session sign in sheet during the warm up and may ask to see your membership card during the session if they do not recognise you, or if no training voucher has been left by bronze members.

Where does Sign-In take place?

At most facilities Sign-In takes place either on pool side or in the room where the sessions takes place. As Longford Park this is not the case. The junior and senior sign in sheets will be placed on the reception desk at the entrance to the club house.

Upon arrival MTC members should show their membership card to the Longford Park member of staff on reception. The Longford Park member of staff will make a record and use this to send the club a bill for the relevant number of members training at the end of the month. They should then show it to the MTC membership representative and complete the sign in process as described above.

If one of our members hasn't brought their membership card, they will be required to pay the standard entrance fee to the Longford Park member of staff and will only be able to Sign-In and train with MTC if our membership representative or coach  is certain that the person is a member. Otherwise the person most complete their own training session and not take part in the clubs activities.