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Manchester Aquatics Centre

2 Booth Street East
M13 9SS

Telephone: 0161 275 9450

See it on the map

The big building on Oxford Road opposite the Royal Northern College for Music; you can't miss it! At all the times when MTC sessions are held you can park either on Oxford Road itself or on Rosamond St W just off it down the side of the RNCM, so there should be no need to use the multi-storey on Booth St E. There are bike racks just outsied the main entrance for cyclists.

At reception show your MTC membership card to the person on the desk and they will let you in for free. If there is a big queue most people just dodge down the side of it, otherwise you could be waiting for quite a while!

Mondays and Thursdays. The sessions are in the main pool so get changed in the main changing area to the left of reception. You can leave bags etc pool-side so no need to get a locker if you don't want to. Once changed head into the pool area.

If you arrive in time for the S&C session that takes place for the 30 minutes before the Monday and Thursday session this usually takes place just to the left of the entrance onto pool side from the main changing area.

If you are only attending the swim then meet on the far side of the main pool underneath the big electronic clock. Leave your bag on the steps next to the pool. We have 4 lanes (25m on Mon, 50m on Thu), and they are graded by speed with slowest swimmers in the right-hand lane (looking down the pool, towards the water slides) and fastest swimmers in the left-hand lane. Ask the coach if you don't know which lane to go in.

Social: A number of people go for a drink after the Monday and occasionally Thursday session.  Ask around at the session to see if anyone is going.  People usually meet in reception once they are changed.

Sundays. This session is downstairs in the "secret" training pool - 4 lanes, 50m. You will still need to show your card at reception to gain entry. From reception head left into the changing area and go right to the end to a set of stairs on the left. Go down these to the bottom, through some doors and you're at the pool. Changing rooms are on the right; Men's is the first door, Ladies the second. Assemble at the near end of the pool, bags can be left here. Fastest lane is the left-hand one as you look down the pool, slowest is the right-hand one.