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Velodrome Sessions June 2014



Latest MTC Club Session

Date: Sunday 15th June
Time: 8-10pm
Cost: See club shop for price - £15
Bike Hire: Payable on the night direct to National Cycle Centre (NCC) - £12
Organiser: Paul Greenhalgh
Forum Discussion: 
Numbers: 30 in total, will ride in two groups of 15 

We have to use an accredited British Cycling Track coach so they will take care of the structure of the session.  It’s likely to be 2 groups – one of more experienced riders and one more novices.  For most if not all of the session only one of these groups will be on the track at one time.  The beginners will do beginners things and the more experienced riders will do a mixture of skills based exercises.  It’s not going to about racing.

General Information 


One of the best things about being based in Manchester is being close to the Manchester Velodrome.  This means that you have the possibilty of training on the track all year round either in:


  • Club Sessions
  • Taster Sessions
  • Structured Training Sessions (SQT's)


If you are interested in racing on the track then visit the racing section of the site:


From time to time we are able to book the Manchester Velodrome for 2 hour private sessions. These sessions ore open to all club members and their friends and family, track accreditation is not required.  The sessions are led by experienced track coaches to make sure you get the most out of the experience.  If you are looking to attain track accreditation then this session can be used towards it.  Due to the high demand for track time it is not possible to do this at regular times so keep an eye on the website / forum for details of the next session.  Pre-booking for these sessions is essential so we can organise bike hire and manage numbers.

Taster Sessions

If you are new to track cycling then the Manchester Velodrome run a series of taster sessions each week at a reasonable prices to let you give it a try.  Bike hire is included in the price.  These sessions can also be used by more experienced riders for aerobic training or track accreditation as long as priority/consideration is given to less experienced riders. For current session times and further information visit the velodrome website:


Structured Training Sessions (SQT)

For accredited riders the velodrome runs regular structured training sessions for both endurance and sprint riders including derny pacing, kierin practice and madison sessions.  Hire bikes can be used but an extra charge is made.  Check their website for further details:



If you enjoy riding the track and want to achieve track accrediation for the Manchester Velodrome then you need to undertake a skills test, but first you need to be put forward by one of the velodromes coaches.  This is usually done by riding on a number of taster sessions.  For more details contact the Manchester Velodrome and let them know you are interested in becoming accredited.