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Transition Training

When : Saturday 21st June 2014
Time :   2-4.30pm
Where: Longford Park Track
Price:    Gold - free Bronze - 1 training voucher
Places: 20
Coaches:Tony Jolly & Rob Bridges

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Bring your bike, wetsuit, tri kit, trainers bike shoes, elastic bands.

The session will be split into two groups, Basic-Intermediate group and Intermediate-Advanced group.

What's covered

Transition planning and kit organisation
Wetsuit Removal (some practice)
Moving with the bike
Mount and dismount bike

The two groups will vary mostly on the techniques employed for mounting and dismounting, with the advanced group focussing more on leaving bike shoes on the bike, elastic band usage etc.  The introductory group will focus on different options for shoes and mounting/dismounting.

Plenty of opportunity to practice and try out new ideas.