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Coaches' Corner

Back in the day when we had a paper based newsletter a popular element was the Coaches Corner section, with guidance and tips for members on what they should be focussing on right now....

Your MTC Coaches will share their advice and experience......


Turbo Training Link
January marks the start of renewed training vigour, new year resolutions, and cold, wet, weather!  Our coaches are keen to share with you why turbo training is such a valuable winter tool, and importantly, how you can utilise it.

Gala Swimming Link
February is traditionally the month where the triathletes from Manchester Tri Club take on the swimmers from Trafford Metro.  Besides being a lot of fun, there are many reasons why competing in this event will help your swim training.

 Track Running Link
March sees the light of the end of the long winter tunnel. We discuss how triathletes should use track running in their training. 

Transition Link
Often known as triathlon's fourth disciplline, April discusses the importance of getting transitions right, and how to practice.

Open Water Link
Our coaches share their stories and experiences of open water swimming as the season starts in May.

Racing Stories Link
As the racing season continues we share our stories.

S&C Link
As the club CrossFit session launch becomes imminent, we discuss why S&C is important for Triathletes.

Traning and Racing with Power  Link
We ask two of our esteemed coaches for their thoughts on using power.