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Functional Movement \ CrossFit

Starting from 1st October 2015 a new session will run at the Reebok CrossFit 3D gym in Trafford Park.  The aim of the session is to ensure all triathletes have great movement, and recruitment of muscles and joint.  Once this is established you shoudl find you are more robust, less injury prone, and at that stage some strength can be added, which will complement both injury prevention, good technique and hence enahnced efficiency and greater perfromance.

Circuit Training

Each Tuesday throughout the winter we run a circuit training session at Moss Side Leisure Centre. This begins at 8.00pm following the swim sessions. This session is appropriate for all members. The focus is on the total load through higher reps. As it is done as a circuit with short rests between exercises, it adds an element of aerobic conditioning for fast and slow twitch muscles fibres. A number of core exercises are included for improved economy of movement and injury prevention.


Poolside: Injury Prevention and Core Work.
Year round we run pool side injury prevention classes before the Monday and Thursday PM swims at the Manchester Aquatics Centre.  However we encourage all members to underake injury prevention and core work as often as possible. Think of these exercises as the sort of thing that a physio would give you to help with rehabilitation after injury. The force used would be low, the movement very specific. By doing them before you get injured you can prevent the injury taking place in the first place. Key areas to protect as the shoulder and pelvic girdles. It includes theraband work, core activation and stengthening work (core stability) as well as some exercises from the anatomical adaptation phase of the S&C programme.


Below are some ideas of exercises to do.  The sessions can be done as listed or if time is limited then just two or three elements can be done.  A great time to do this sort of work is in the warm-up or cool-down of other training sessions as it shouldn't be too fatiguing.

The focus of these sessions:

  • Injury prevention
  • strength endurance
  • Improved economy of movement


Begin each session with the activation work below (approx 5-10 mins):

  • Zip up and release x 10, supine knee raises and leg extensions
  • Supine spine curl ups, bridge and roll down x 10 - slowly!


Main Set:
On a week by week basis alternate the main sets below. First a few notes:


  • Ideally complete 2 sets of each exercise before progressing.
  • The order of exercises can be changed or elements missed out if time is short.
  • Aim to improve competence rather than increase the volume of work done. THis stuff isn't designed to knacker you out!
  • There are a number of progressions for each exercise so continue to challenge people who attend regularly.


Session 1:

  • Step Up no push off - hands locked behind head, hyperextend unsupported leg (10-15 each leg) or lunge (static/moving/multi directional) (10-15 each leg)
  • Hip Hikes (15 each leg) and/or single leg periscopes (10-15 each leg)
  • Lower body russian twists (imagine ball) (20 - 10 each side)
  • Supine Bridge + Leg shoot (10 sec hold + 10-15 reps each leg done continously)
  • Dart (2x30s with 15s rec) or hyperextensions of back lifting arms and legs up (20-30 reps or 20 on each opposite arm and leg)
  • Plank into press ups into plank (10-15 sec hold, 10-20 reps, 10-15 sec hold. Vary incline/decline w hands/feet on step)
  • Crunch combo:
  • Crunches - elbow to knee (20 each side)
  • Crunches (20-30)

Session 2:

  • Squat - hands behind head push elbow back (20 reps) or 1 leg quarter/half squat (10-15 each leg)
  • Side lying glute raise (20 reps each side) or Standing glute med external rotations with partner/wall
  • Side plank (2x 30+ sec with lifts, etc)
  • Horse Stance
  • Swiss Ball alphabet (need an alternative) - requires ball of some sort
  • Dips (15-30 reps)
  • Plank (2x 30+ sec with lifts, etc)
  • V-Sit or Star fish (3 x 10 secs) (finding balance point on back with feet and arms raised and far apart)
  • Alternative exercise that can be included:
  • Straight leg raises - partner push, side to side (windscreen wipers)
  • Back to back stand ups


Cool down:

Swim specific mobility work for shoulders,wrists, ankles, lower back

Encourage members to buy a Theraband and perform selection of the following exercises:


  • Internal Rotation (L/R)
  • External rotation (L/R)
  • Shoulder Hyperextension
  • Shoulder Retractions
  • Standing Press
  • Standing Row
  • Tricep extensions
  • Ankle inversion
  • Ankle eversion
  • Freestyle - Resisted Recovery
  • Freestyle - catch
  • Freestyle - Catch,press
  • Freestyle - catch,press,push
  • Freestyle - Straight arm pull