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Please check the Level descriptors for each of the three discipines, so ascertain which sessions are most appropriate.

There are occasions where sessions need to be cancelled or start time changed, sometimes at short notice so, you should frequently visit our online training calendar where details for every session are kept upto date, or facebook for emergency changes.

At key times some sessions can become crowded such as in January and February just after the new membership year begins. If the lead coach for the session believes that the health and safety of members could be at risk they can limit access to the session.  This will be done on a first come first served basis combined with appropriate attendance (e.g. advanced swimmers would be turned away from novice swim session). It is rare that this sitatuation occurs but if it does please respect the decision of the coach.

For those who want more there are a number of options (click on the links for more information):

  • It's worth keeping an eye on the club forum, particularly the training and training hook-upsections where members organised one-off and informal training sessions as well as discussing all things triathlon
  • Open Water Swim training takes places at a number of venues around Manchester during the summer months on Monday and Thursday evening and Saturday morning.
  • Open and Club Time Trials take place around Manchester at weekends and on a number of evening each week.  For club events you can sign up on the night and get in a great training sessions for less than £5. For open events you need to enter upto 14 days in advance. More information is listed in the Racing > Bike > Time Trials section of the site.