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MTC Track Sessions

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2016/7 Training Plan

Within the club we operate a number of track running sessions.  Track running sessions are aimed at providing the highest quality workout of your training programme, under supervision of coaches, who will also help work on technique and form, through a number of specific run drills appropriate to your ability.  As with all disciplines we offer a 3 level system as follows:

Development : These sessions will be aimed at teaching technique, learning drills, improving your running technique and primarily be focussed on building up a basic endurance, which are the foundations of good running.  The sessions will teach a variety of different types of running and build skills and confidence as a platform to progress to the intermediate group.  To progress you are likely to need to be completing at least one other session, a week which can be very similar to the coached session.  The group is designed to get you to run faster and help meet your running potential.

Intermediate : This group targets the majority of the club.  The focus is on running drills to help hone your technique and running at threshold (T-Pace) or slightly above for the majority of the season.  It is assumed that you are completing a long run (of between 60-90 minutes at an easy aerobic pace) on your own away from club sessions as a minimum in addition to the club session, and possibly other sessions such as a brick run.

Advanced : These sessions are targeted at experienced runners, who may have progresses from the intermediate group.  The drills are of an advanced nature and expect to work at a high intensity during this session.  The assumption is that you are completing a threshold run and a long easy paced aerobic run (90 minutes plus) on your own as a minimum in addition to this session, and that this session is the icing on the cake for your running.





Open to all

Open to all


Faster than 13minutes

Faster than 22 minutes


Faster than 11 minutes

Faster than 19 Minutes

Things to consider:

  • If you are unsure about what other running to be doing ask your session coach.
  • Train in the group appropriate to your current fitness or injury situation, just because you used to be able to do a 15min 5k, can you still run that or are you better suited to intermediate group now?

Both our Monday and Wednesday track sessions can be attended by Beginner, Intermediate or advanced members however at the Wednesday session we have 3 coaches to provide more input to the intermediate and advanced athletes. At the Monday session the coach will focus mainly on the beginner athletes to make sure they are getting the most out of the session.

On both Monday and Wednesday, active coaching will start from  7.15pm, but we expect everyone to have completed a minimum of 10 minutes self warm up before this point. A coach will be on hand from 7pm to offer advice and guidance.  Please do not interupt coaches who are still coaching the previous session - there will be a designated coach available to help you.

For a detailled description of run training standards and to check your level for each discipline click on the following link: Training Standards

Note: We encourage members to introduce themselves to track running progressively.  Don't jump straight into full sessions the first time you go along.

Session Details

An overview of our weekly training programme can be found on the main sessions page.

We keep our training calendar upto date with the latest information about session including cancellations or changes to start times.  Please check it frequently!

What will be provided?

  • 1-3 Coaches
  • Session Plan
  • Target Pace Table using 3-5k time trial performance

What do you need to bring?

  • Membership card or training voucher
  • 1 x 750ml drink (as a minimum)
  • Sports Watch (for timing)
  • Optional: Heart rate monitor
  • Ideal: Knowledge of your recent 5k time trial performance

What should you wear?

  • Running shorts / tights
  • Running vest, t-shirt, jacket if cold.
  • Running shoes or racing flats.


Often there will be athletes of varying abilities doing different workouts on the track. It is advisable to understand the basic courtesies and customs of running on a track so that we can all enjoy workouts without injuries.

  • Turn up 10 minutes before the start of the session so you can ask any questions you have before the session begins and by ready to start on time.
  • Look both ways before you step onto or walk across the track.
  • Give runners already using the track right of way.
  • Warm-up in an anti clockwise direction in the outside two lanes or alternatively in the park.
  • During the main set use the inside two lanes only and run in an anti-clockwise direction.
  • Don't run more than 2 abreast as this makes it difficult for you to be passed without using another lane.
  • If you are being passed hold your position. If you move suddenly to the right/left someone may get hurt.
  • Never stand still on the track particularly near the start/finish line.
  • Whenever you are resting step off the track onto the track centre.
  • If someone yells 'TRACK' move out of the way as you are probably not following one of the rules above.
  • Finally be aware of other activities taking place on the in-field such as football or field events.