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Training with MTC

We operate a 3 level system within the club for swim, bike and run with each of our training sessions aimed one or more of these levels. This helps enusre the training is appropriate and makes the best use of our facilities.

The 3 levels are defined here Level Descriptors Document.  You can be at a different level for each discpline so you could be a beginner for swimming and advanced for cycling and running. The criteria for each level encompasses both a performance target (e.g. to be able to complete a 5k run in under 30 minutes) and a level of technical competence (e.g. be able to breath to either side whilst swimming front crawl). It's important you know which level you are in order to turn up to the right sessions.  If you aren't sure then come along to one of the beginner sessions first and speak to the lead coach at the session.  They will help you find the most appropriate level for you.

It is possible to attend sessions at a lower level as long as you don't affect the training of those that the session is aimed at. We do not recommend that you attend sessions aimed at a higher level than you are currently.  However there may be times when a member of the coaching team suggests you give it a try for an occasional session to see how you find it.

A step by step guide to getting the most out of MTC

Step 1 - Check whether you are a Beginner / Intermetiate / Advanced for each discipline.

Step 2 - Have a look at which club training sessions are available for you for each discipline at given level.

Step 3 - Find out what will be delivered at each of those sessions, and what is expected within the sessions. Some sessions are periodised for a given time of year, other work on skills specific to time of year or needs of athletes.

Step 4 - Set your goals and select your key event/s. The club's website, forum and facebook pages will give you lots of ideas of what everyone else gets up to.

Step 5 - Start training! Don't go crazy in the first week, build into things slowly.  Improvement comes from consistency.

Step 6 - If you need some more help attend a new members meeting

Step 7 - Need some kit? Support the club by wearing club kit at races. By online via the website.
If you are planning on racing in the cross-country league or road relays you will need a club running vest

Step 8 - Don't forget to let us know how you're getting on.

Step 9 - One last thing.... Have you thought about helping out? The club can only do what it does thanks to the efforts of it's members. There are loads of ways you can get involved and give something back. Have a look here for a few ideas.