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Club Records

Club records are held for swimming, cycling and running.  There are age group records for younger athletes up to Juniors (17-19), Seniors (20-40) and VETS are in 5 year age bands.

Age is taken as age on the day of the event rather than age at end of year as per Triathlon age bands.

Club records can be claimed by anyone provided they are a member of the club at the time the record is set, racing for the club is not a pre-condition.  e.g. having a first claim run or bike club other than MTC is allowed.

See separate pages for Swim , Bike and Run

Please send any new records by email or put a message on the Forum.


As well as easily measurable 10k run, 1500m swims and 100 mile time trails, there are a large number of people in the club who take on other 'non standard challenges' for a comprehensive list see Challenges



The following records listed below are an archive of the previous club records prior to 2010.  Many of the events are obsolete or aren't realistically comparable, for example 500m Open Water swim.  Open water events of this distance are rare currently, and even if they did exist, there are two many contributing factors that may affect validity or fairness of comparison.  Tha fact that very few of the records have been claimed since 2002 adds weight to this argument.  However these records will be maintained here for posterity.  Archive can be found here Records Archive