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London Marathon

As an England Athletics affiliated club we can apply for club entries for this event following the rules here:

To be considered for a club entry you should satisfy the following criteria:

  • You have been a member of MTC since at least 1st May
  • You are affiliated (1st claim) via MTC to England Athletics before 1st Jul and still are
  • Priority if you have applied and been refused a place in the official ballot for that year (evidence must be provided)
  • You have NOT achieved a marathon ‘good for age' time for next years draw - ie if you have, you should have applied for good for age entry by 13th July
  • You have represented MTC in a running event in the current calendar year (ie 10k, cross country, half marathon etc)
  • You can demonstrate how you have volunteered or helped out the club in the period from the 1st May
  • Any member who is allocated a Man Tri place in the London marathon is not eligible for a Man Tri place the following year

An email will be sent out to all members in the Autumn of each year inviting applications for a Club Entry. The draw then usually takes place at the club AGM/ club end of season party.

London Marathon allocated places
  • Steve Wynne
  • Mark Coley
  • Sonia Harris
  • Michelle Wilder
  • Simon Granger *Ran 2014
  • Rich Hyder
  • John Murray
  • Moyna O'Neill
  • Kevin Booth
  • Dan Ling
  • Rich Hyder
  • Ian Jones
For any queries please contact our running coordiator on: