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Cross-Country League

Calling all mud lovers...... these events are for you!

MTC Nov 08 XCountry BHC 031 DSC04950

The club is a member of the Manchester Area XC league which includes 5 matches over the winter. The leagues website is:

where you will find further information and results about each of the matches.

2016/17 will be our Tenth season entering the League. It will be a great way to keep (or find!) your running fitness over the winter. There was a fantastic MTC turnout last year and we were probably the best supported club out on the course at each race. The emphasis is firmly on having fun all standards, ages etc welcome. The 'cake-off' between the men and women was hottly contested as ever!

When are the events?


Match 1: Sat 15 Oct 2016 (not for U11s) Wythenshaw Park

Match 2: Sat 12 Nov 2016 Boggart Hole Clough

Match 3: Sat 3 Dec 2016 Heaton Park

Match 4: Sat 14 Jan 2017 Univ playing fields (TBC)

Match 5: Sat 11 Feb 2017 Woodbank Park, Stockport

12 noon U11 GIRLS* - 2,400 metres *N.B. U11B & U11G WILL NOT RUN IN MATCH ONE.
12:15 pm U11 BOYS* & U13 GIRLS - 2,400 metres
12.30 pm U13 BOYS & U15 GIRLS - 3,500 metres
12:50 pm U15 BOYS, U17 GIRLS & U17 BOYS – 5,000 metres
1:30 pm SENIOR, U20 & VET LADIES - 8,000 metres
2:30 pm SENIOR, U20 & VET MEN - 10,000 metres
AGES as at midnight 31 August 2016*
U11 – aged 9 or 10 as at above date*; U13 – aged 11 or 12 as at above date*;
U15 – aged 13 or 14 as at above date*; U17 – aged 15 or 16 as at above date*;
U20 – aged 17, 18 or 19 as at above date*.
Seniors – at least 20 as at above date*; Vets – age as on 15/10/2016.


The running coordinator will sort out affiliation, deal with the league and keep everyone update on how we are doing.

We also need a volunteer to help marshall at one event- please look out for this request coming out - your help is always appreciated

The league requires us to submit a list of MTC members who are going to compete. (Additional people can be added at each race but to ease the burden on the organisors they would prefer to get people registered in advance. They have also asked that we don't just register all runners in the club as this will create unnecessary work too.)

Each of these runners will be assigned ONE number for use in ALL races.

These numbers will be collected at the first race (by the team captain) and given to each runner. The runner will be responsible for presenting themselves at each match with their number.

For anyone who isn't competing in the first race we will bring your number to the next race. Once you have competed the number is yours to look after. (The league will charge £1 for any reissuing of numbers)

How do I register? and What does it cost?

Essentially it will cost you £4.99. Please pay via the club shop (BY 22nd SEP 2016).

You will also need to be affiliated to England athletics- please also pay for the 16/17 season via the club shop.

You will also need a MTC club running vest- please beg, borrow or also buy via the club shop.

It costs £40 to affiliate the club to the league and then we are charged 75p retrospectively for each runner for each race they compete in. We have decided in the interest of keeping it simple we are charging £4.99 for anyone registering for the league. This will cover the cost of registration and the retrospective race charges (It's a one off £4.99 whether you race all 5 races or once). Any profit made will not be kept by the club. We are suggesting we should split any profit between charity and some fun prizes.

NOTE: This season the club will be charged an addtional fee of 75p per unused entry will if we don't achieve a 75% or greater return on entries. So if you sign up you must race at least one race.

Can I still race if I didn't register by 22nd Sep 2016?

Yes - It is possible to register yourself on race day. This is not ideal for both the league or MTC so please try and register online before 22nd Sep

Is there any other information I need to know?

  • Spikes are recommended, but knobbly shoes will suffice- you can race in trainers... but beware of muddy/ splippy wet courses!
  • Bring warm clothes/ wellies/ a flask/ drink etc
  • As said above cake is very much encouraged for afters :)
  • We sometimes arrange an evening get together after too--- anyone can do this/ just pop a note on FB!
  • I think that just about covers everything......
  • If you have any questions get in touch on