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As an England Athletics affiliated club, Man Tri has an extremely active running section.  Our members compete in a wide variety of running events, either as competition in its own right and as training for multi-sport events. On this page we've included information about events that members like. We have a dedicated page regarding the Manchester Area Cross Country league which I would recommend all members take part in: Cross Country

Our running section is organised by our Running Coordinator Sonia Harris who maintains this section  of the site.  To contact Sonia please email:

Son & Jude

Amongst other things Sonia handles the member affiliations with England Athletics. If you want to compete in running events/leagues for Man Tri then you need to pay the small affiliation fee. Click here for more details.


Within the club we operate a number of track running sessions on Monday and Wednesday evenings at Longford Park, Athletics Stadium, Chorlton. Track running sessions are aimed at providing the highest quality workout of your training programme, under supervision of coaches, who will also help work on technique and form, through a number of specific run drills appropriate to your ability. We have three groups running according to your current running form- so you will find one of these suitable. Please see the training > sessions > run track for more details : Run (Track) Longford Park Stadium

Running Events

Below we've included a selection of running events that members like to compete in so you are always likely to see a few friendly faces.  I have tried to add in 2016 dates but please check race websites/ Runners World etc for confirmation/ registering etc. Please use our facebook closed group to share what races you are thinking about/ have entered so we can encourage a bit of MTC team support and it also makes racing a little more pleasurable with friends!!

5k Series:

10k Races

  • Mar 17?    Trafford 10k
  • 17 Mar 17    Salford 10k
  • Apr 17?     Bolton 10k
  • 23 Apr 17     Blackpool 10k
  • 28 May 17    Greater Manchester Run
  • 10 July 16     UKfast Manchster 10k
  • 04 Sep 16     UKfast City of Salford 10k
  • 11 Sep 16    Womens' off road 10k
  • 11 Dec 16   Tatton Yule Yomp!

Half Marathon

  • 15 Jan 17     Helsby Half Marathon
  • 19 Mar 17    Wilmslow Half Marathon
  • 02 Apr 17    Liverpool Half Marathon
  • 23 April 17   Blackpool Half Marathon
  • 14 May17     Leeds half marathon
  • 28 May 17    Greater Manchester Half Marathon
  • May 17?   Chester Half Marathon
  • Jul 17?  Southport Half marathon
  • 11 Sep 16     Great North Run
  • 16 Oct 16   Manchester Half Marathon

20 Milers

  • Mar 17?        Spen, Yorks
  • Mar 17?     Trimpell, Lancs


  • 02 Apr 17       Manchester Marathon
  • 23 Apr 17        London Marathon
  • 23 Apr 17        Blackpool Marathon
  • 28 May 17       Liverpool Marathon
  • 2 Oct  16        Chester Marathon

Cross Country

  • Manchester Area Cross Country League: We enter male and female teams into this league.  For more information visit the Cross Country League page


Road Relays

  • North West 6/4 Stage
  • North of England 6/4 Stage
  • North of England 12/6 Stage