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You don't need to be a Triathlon England member in order to take part in an event although if you aren't you will need to buy a day-license from the event organisor, which usually cost £5. As well as saving you the day-license fee, a Triathlon England membership does provide a number of additional benefits including worldwide personal accident cover so it's worth looking at to see if it is worth it. The best thing to do is go to the British Triathlon website and follow the 'Join' link:

If you do join Triathlon England, don't forget to select Manchester Triathlon Club as your registered club.

If you want to qualify for world age-group teams or qualify for national honors you need to be a Triathlon England member.

Unlike some other nations, England doesn't operate a Pro-License scheme to qualify athletes to take part in elite events such as Ironman, Challenge, Xterra or ITU events. If you are considering trying to qualify to race pro then email and we can help you with the process.