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Track Racing has grown in popularity following the success of the GB Team in the Olympics and World Championships. Track racing takes place on short specially built tracks consisting of two tight, banked corners joined by two short straights. Tracks range hugely in length - outdoor tracks usually being longer and with shallower bankings - but Olympic and World Championship Track racing is generally held on indoor 250m wooden tracks. Many outdoor tracks are concrete or tarmac surfaced

Events are roughly divided into sprint and endurance events. Watch the video below for an introduction or see the Track section of the British Cycling website for more details:

Track bikes are relatively simple, lacking the gears and brakes of their Road cousins. With bikes having a fixed wheel (forcing you to pedal continuously) the rider controls speed through pressure applied to the pedals. Bikes fall into two broad categories:

  • Upright bikes with conventional dropped handlebars, traditional spoked or carbon spoked wheels. These bikes are used for bunch races, Keirin and Match Sprint.
  • Low-profile bikes, with extended "trathalon" style bars, allowing the rider to adopt a more aerodynamic position. Wheels are often four-spoked carbon or carbon disc. Handling and manoeuvrability are sacrificed for aerodynamic efficiency. These bikes are used for Pursuit races and Kilo and 500m Time Trial.


Manchester Velodrome

One of the best things about being based in Manchester is being close to the Manchester Velodrome.  This means that you have the possibilty of training on the track all year round. For more information visit the Track cycling page in the training section:


If you want to race on the track there are two race leagues run at the Velodrome:

  • Association of Cycle Traders (ACT) Track League
  • Manchester Regional Track League (MRTL)


ACT Track League

The league runs once a week on Mondays from 19.30-21.00.  There are two seasons:

  • Jan-Apr
  • Sept-Dec

All meetings open to youths, juniors, women, 2/3/4 cat veterans and 3/4 cat seniors. Riders must hold Velodrome accreditation.

For more information and results please visit:

Here's a note from the organisor about who the league is for:

This is the only league where you can hire the bikes to race on. The association of cycle traders have an agreement to do any repairs to bikes involved in accidents. This is an enjoyable nights racing and is aimed at those categories listed above. Seniors, including vets are split into groups and you will generally ride against people of similar ability. Book in advance and you get chances of doing special events like the Madison. You will get a minimum of 4 races per evening.


League runs between:

  • Autumn Session: Oct-Dec
  • Winter Session: Jan-Apr

The Manchester Regional Track League is open to members of British Cycling who have taken out a racing licence and want to enjoy the fast paced events that track racing provides.  The league has two divisions that compete on separate nights:

  • First Division (2nd, 3rd & 4th Cats, Jnr, U16's, Women) - Fridays 19.00-22.00, racing begins at 19.45
  • Premier Division (Elite/1/2/Jnr) - Tuesdays 19.00-22.00, racing begins at 19.45

For more information and results please visit:


Newcastle (Staffs) Cycling Track

Manchester certainly isn't the only velodrome in the country.  There is an excellent outdoor velodrome just 60 mins drive from Manchester in Newcastle-under-Lyme where they hold regular training and racing throughout the summer months (April-September).  For information more information visit their website at: