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Mountain Biking

Moutain bike racing comes in a number of shapes and sizes.  The two that Man Tri members tend to take part in are Cross Country (XC) and Endurance/Marathon racing. Whilst they are both great ways to imrpove your cycling confidence, skills and general cycling fitness the increased availability of off-road triathlons involving an off-road cycle leg means that they can be used as specific training too.

XC Racing

Normally takes place on a 3-5 mile circuit where you will be required to ride a set number of laps.  For beginners this is usually 1-2 laps while Elite riders can expect 5 or more.  Courses and terrain vary greatly from fairly flat and fast to stiff climbs and steep descents, so combine fitness and cycling skill.


Endurance (Enduro) / Marathon Racing

These are relatively new developments in the mountain bike world, developed by riders who want to push themselves harder and further.  Enduro's usually last much longer than standard  XC races, sometimes as much as 24 hours.  They can be team races with one rider per team on the course at any one time or they can be solo efforts.  The major goal of the Enduro is to complete as many laps as possible in the alotted time scale.  They can be great fun and are often ridden in a festival-like atmosphere.  Marathon racing is probably one of the toughest disciplines with riders having to cvoer over 80km in one race, usually over hilly terrain.  Distances can vary, and you are normally expected to ride loops of a specific course until the distance is covered.  Most riders tackle these events as a ride against the clock.