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Member award

Member of the year

Member of the year will not necessarily be about athletic achievement and will be conducted in the same way as in recent years (via nomination and online voting).  Nominations should be no more than 150 words long and may be submitted by any member of the club (including the committee) to

2015 Sonia Harris and Jude Wall

2014 Andy Dow

2013 Sophie Barnett

2012 Nina McArthur

2011 Sonia Harris

2010 Alan Sheldon

2009 Andy Fardon

2008 Not awarded

2007 Rob Harper



2004 Tim Johns

2003 Cathy Atkinson

2002 Cliona Kirwan

2001 Carine Van Schie

2000 Steve Clayton

1999 Mark Reddicen

1998 Jason Cordingley