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Man Tri Junior Section is now FULL. We will be operating a waiting list system from now on.

In September we reviewed numbers and employed an additional coach so that we could have 3 groups based on skills. The groups were planned to have 8 to 10 participants so that we could focus on quality and learning. We spent September carefully assessing the athletes to make sure they were put in a group with the correct coach.

We have had a brilliant level of interest, one that our membership system is not designed to accommodate!! Each week since September we have had new members joining and we had 44 runners last night.

We are really keen to keep and raise the standard of Man Tri Juniors and letting numbers get any higher than this will represent a drop in coaching quality per athlete and can also pose a health and safety risk.

So can I please ask that parents explain to any friends who are interested in triathlon that there is a now a waiting list that we will review again in the new year once existing members have renewed their membership.

Also, if parents need to speak to coaches, please can this occur between 6pm and 610pm and can we politely ask that parents do not cross the track to the coaching area.


Thanks for all your support and for making Man Tri Juniors bigger and better than it has EVER been!!

Kate x


Joining ManTri Juniors is easy and you won't regret it.

For prospective junior Members there are two routes to membership.  For those aged over 14 it is possible to join the Senior Section as a junior Gold member.   This level of membership enables juniors to join the senior club and train in all sessions, junior and senior alike, however when training with Senior club sessions they will be expected to act and will be treated as an adult.  It should also be pointed out that there is no special consideration given to child protection as these are adult sessions.  Parents/Guardians are recommended to remain at sessions and are responsible for the behaviour and welfare of the child before and immediately after sessions (e.g. in changing rooms).    Junior Gold members may choose to train with the Junior section also.

Junior Tristar membership entitles juniors to attend Junior Section specific training sessions only. This membership is open to those that are aged eight or over in the current calender year.

Steps to joining as a Junior TriStar Member:

Before joining you are welcome to come down and observe or take part in two sessions to get a feel for how the clubs works, please note parent/guardian must stay on site during these sessions. Please contact to let them know in advance however.  PLEASE DO NOT JUST TURN UP AT THE TRACK/SWIMMING EXPECTING TO BE ABLE TO JOIN IN.

We ask that children are at least 7 years old before requesting to join the club, preferably joining in the calendar year that they are 8.  This is so that we can ensure that emotionally they are ready to work with the group, pick up instructions and not disrupt the other athletes.

Once you decide to join:

  1. Read the Parents and Junior Members Code of Conduct
  2. Complete the online registration details - this is crucial to the membership process
  3. Transfer the appropriate fee to the Man Tri Bank Account - details on the ManTri Juniors Facebook Group. (Please do not pass money or paperwork to coaches as they do not deal with money)
  4. Email to confirm you have done this

Junior membership rates 2017

Full year membership is £125.  This is pro-rata down each school term, so after Easter holidays membership drops to £85, and by 1st September it drops to £45.