Sat AM Brick Session beginning 5th April

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Sat AM Brick Session beginning 5th April

Postby Rob Harvey » Wed Mar 12, 2008 1:59 pm


The popular brick session organised by Nick will begin again on Saturday 5th April and run each saturday until September as long as demand allow.

The session will replace the Sat AM turbo session and will begin at 10:30am at Longford Park. All members will be required to pay £2 to access the track and bronze members will be required to use one training voucher.



Activity Card - Brick: Bike/Run

What will be provided?

Session Plan
HR/RPE tables to help you judge intensity

What do you need to bring?

Membership card or training voucher
Sports Watch (for timing)
Turbo trainer (preferably fluid or mechanical)
Bike with slick tires
Cycling shoes
1 x Towel to mop up sweat from you and bike/floor!
1 x 750ml drink (as a minimum)

Optional: Heart rate monitor, Bike computer and rear wheel mounted speed cadence sensor or power meter!
Ideal: Knowledge of your maximum heart rate achieve whilst cycling, maximum power achieve during final minute of a ramp test, CP5/20/30, etc
Ideal: Knowledge of your recent 5k time trial performance

What should you wear?

Cycling / Tri-Short (lycra with a degree of padding)
Cycling top, running vest or t-shirt – you will sweat a lot!
Cycling shoes / Running Shoes
Basically whatever you will feel comfortable to bike and run in.

Activity Description

It’s important to remember that training for triathlon isn’t simply about practicing to do the fastest 1500m swim, 40k bike or 10k run; as if they were separate events. You also need to teach your body how to deal with the transition from one to the other. Whilst research (and common sense) has shown there are benefits to practicing the transition from swim/bike and bike/run, for most the hardest one to get used to is bike/run. The first 5 minutes of the run can feel more like trudging through mud than running. To help prepare you for this challenge the club runs bike/run brick sessions from spring onwards

The sessions are usually held at Longford Park using the athletics track. If the weather is fine turbos are set up on the edge of the track. If it looks like rain then we can use the old club house for the turbo.

Each session will involve a number of bike/run repetitions with short rest between. The sessions will be structured throughout the season to make sure you are ready for the racing season.


See the activity card for track sessions and turbo sessions for more details.


Everyone will be required to pay £2 to access the facility then:

Gold – Free
Junior Gold – Free
Bronze – 1 x training voucher
Guest – Not Applicable

Session Times/Facilities

Every Saturday from 10.30-11.30 at Longford Park between April-August
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Re: Sat AM Brick Session beginning 5th April

Postby Rob Harvey » Fri Jul 11, 2008 5:47 pm

Longford Park have said that they will no longer be opening the athletics track on a saturday morning so there will be no more brick sessions this year. Thanks to Nick, Tim and Guy for coaching them. We will looking to hold them next year probably as a 6 week block starting in April.


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