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Postby skip » Thu Jan 31, 2008 12:33 pm

Manchester Tri Lakes Challenge Ride

Sunday Feb 10th 2008

***It is reminded that this is NOT a coached session. Group navigators are only here to show people a route option. Riders are responsible for their own safety, including route finding, riders can choose whether or not to follow the proposed route.***

It is sugested people bring enough food and drink for the ride. Some money, a mobile phone and spares, tools, pump etc. Also please make sure you bike is in good working order, you will need your full range of gears and fully working brakes are a must.
Also it would be worth bringing some spare layers, especially a waterproof if it is likely to rain

Meet: Rydal Road (A591) Car Park. Ambleside

The car park has about 200 spaces. Follow the A591 and then the one way system through Amblesid in the direction of Keswick. This takes you up the main high street. At the top of the high street stay left. You will see the Apple Pie Café the Glass House restaurant and Bike Tracks on your left. Immediately after these you will see the car park. The entrance is 50 yards up the road on the left.
(It’s located near the mini-roundabout that takes you onto the start of Kirkstone pass via the “Struggle”)

This is a pay and display car park (and not the cheapest). Can either park here or find somewhere else to park and meet at the car park. (The car park has toilet facilities)

Start Time: Please be there for 09:00, groups will be leaving by 09:30

If we know your coming we will wait, but at 09:30 the group will depart. You need to be on your bike ready to go with food, spares inflated tyres etc for 09:30 at the latest.

If you intend on coming please post your name below and indicate which group you will be riding in and pm you telephone No. to the group leader.

Group Navigators

Group 1 – BecksW
Group 2 – Harshan
Group 3 – Skip

The Routes

Group 1

Option 1 75k (47 Miles)
Option 2 65k (40 Miles) (Misses out Whinlatter pass)
Option 3 59k (37 Miles) (Goes up Whinlatter straight from Keswick missing out the lap of Derwant water)
Can go shorter by Just riding to Keswick and back but wouldn't be making the most of the scenary.

The options are all variations on a route so could be decided on the day by how people felt.

At a 18kph average the longest ride would take 4hrs 10 mins, 5 hours when factoring in a café stop, punctures etc.

Option 2 is a really nice ride around Derwant water.

(An alternative route option to keep it closer to 50k would be
A route along the East side of Coniston and back through Grizdale Forest and Hawkshead. A little bit more difficult to naviate as a couple of the turnings are easy to miss. If people are v.against riding 60k please let us know an we'l look at the Coniston option.)

Group 2 – Harshran to post. Final details being decided.

Group 3
100k (60 miles)
At 25kph average ride time = 4 hours. (30kph flats, less on hills)
If we factor in a café stop a puncture and some route finding 5 hours tops (hopefully).

There is the option to shorten the ride by missing out Redbank (save about 20 mins)
There are options to extend the ride (details below)
The random zigzag on the route at 33k is just to remind me where group one turn off!
May come back along the back of Thirlmere as well as its a lot nicer than the 591

Route Decision

We’ve tried to put a bit of thought into the routes.
There are lots of great roads in the lakes and lots of potential route options.

We have chosen the route for the following reasons
-All groups follow similar routes with variations to suit each group. Potentially enabling a meet up at Whinlatter café for a coffee stop.
Also in the event of a problem the groups are rideable distances away from each other.

-For the group 3 ride there are options to extend the ride to take in either Kirkstone pass (either up and down or back via Windamere)
some of the hills around Langdale (like the one Charlie mentioned with the views or even up & back down Wrynose (enless your crazy and want to climb it from both sides!??

-All chosen routes are relatively easy to navigate. There are key landmarks for most of the turns in the event of someone needing to turn back or for people with limited experience of the area.

-Some of the climbs in the Lakes have a real potential to make people get off and walk. Not the best in the depths of winter, so we have decided these are best left for summer!

Group 1’s ride should present a challenge but is not too extreme, a couple of the less brutal passes are included.

Harsharn is making final descions on the Group 2 route.

For group 3 there is a good run in to get the legs warmed up before we hit Honister, which is the toughest of the climbs included on the ride. It’s steep, and long enough to be v.hard. Red bank is also steep but short. The rest of the ride should be pretty straight forward for group 3 riders.

In the event of severe weather conditions the routes may be changed. We don't want to be doing high passes in v.stong wind or steep decents with ice. If the weather is really bad we may decde not to ride and go for a run instead. Possibly around Grizedale forrest so pack your runners just incase
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Postby Harsharn » Thu Jan 31, 2008 3:31 pm

Group 2 Route

Option 1 - 95Km (59 Miles)

At approx 20-25kmph the ride should take about 4hr - 4hr45 not including stops.

Option 2 - Go out via Honnister Pass instead and back via Winlatter 100km (60 Miles) - Same as Group 3 but at a slower pace - Missing out Redbank on the way back.

Should take closer to 5hrs.

I will print off route cards and make sure there's enough for everyone in the group, just as an added safety factor, since there may be quite a variation in ability. However, we will wait at regular intervals for everyone to re-group.

With 64km of the route being straight out and back, before we commit to the loop via Buttermere, it will give anyone a chance to bail out if you're not quite feeling up to the really hilly stuff.

By the way, there's a few of us staying at Ambleside Backpackers on the Sat night at £16 p/night, and will probably be going out to eat and maybe a few drinks if anyone would prefer to get up the evening before.

As skip mentioned above, please confirm your interest by posting up, that way we know who's coming and an idea of numbers.
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Postby SallyG » Mon Feb 04, 2008 11:02 am

Hi Skip,
Mark and I are planning on coming up to the lakes on Sunday for this. I will ensure we are there by 9am!
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Postby Rob H » Wed Feb 06, 2008 10:36 am

I'll be along to get battered by Group 3...
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Postby skip » Wed Feb 06, 2008 11:37 am

Just checked metcheck and dare i say it the weather forcast is good for sun.

At the moment no rain and little wind. I'm sure it will all change before the weekend!
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Lakes ride

Postby DannyH » Wed Feb 06, 2008 6:16 pm


I'll be joining you for the Group 2 ride.


Danny Hill
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Postby BecksW » Thu Feb 07, 2008 5:53 pm

Hello folks,

Group 1 Ride

Just to confirm, the Group 1 ride is likely to be the lap of Grizedale Forest:

But a final decision will be made on the day depending on group and weather conditions.

EVERYONE is welcome on this ride and the group will go at the pace of the slowest rider. A cake/coffee stop can also be scheduled at Grizedale Visitors centre!

Please can you post here if you think you will be riding...


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Postby daniel.mcparland » Thu Feb 07, 2008 6:15 pm

I'll be there, Group 3.

I also have two Lakes based friends that will join us to bolster the Group 3 numbers if that is ok?

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Postby skip » Thu Feb 07, 2008 8:43 pm

The more the merrier!
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Postby anne_m_macdonald » Thu Feb 07, 2008 11:24 pm

yes for me Becks!!! I will meet you guys on sunday morning as am in scotland fri/sat so will be on my way down on sun morning...
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