MTC AGM Monday 3rd December 7pm - Longford Park

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MTC AGM Monday 3rd December 7pm - Longford Park

Postby Dabbsy » Mon Nov 12, 2007 2:52 pm

Annual General Meeting Agenda

As previously advertised, the AGM will be held on Monday 3rd December, 7pm at Longford Park (in the upstairs bar). The draft Agenda items are as follows:-

1) Chairmans report
2) Election / re-election of committee and non-exec roles on the committee
3) Treasurers report
4) 2008 Membership options, cost of membership and training vouchers
5) Payment options for 2008
6) Coaching programme for 2008
7) Constitution amendments
8 ) AOB

Don’t forget, if you don’t attend the AGM, we won’t know your viewpoint, so we would encourage as many people as possible to turn up.
Light refreshments will be provided.

Regarding agenda item 2. Below are details of the committee and non-exec roles currently required to run MTC. The proposed committee and non-exec role composition is detailed below. If anyone is interested in any of the roles, or would like more information, please advise either the secretary ( or the chairman(, or speak to any of the committee on the night. Should two people both want to fulfil the same role, then a vote will decide the filling of the post.

Of all the roles, the three most crucial roles to be filled are the training voucher co-ordinator (update 13/11 Now filled by Martyn Cornish), the Secretary and the Membership secretary roles. Brief role descriptions for these are attached at the bottom.

Committee role 2007 2008 Proposed
Chairman Jonathan Dabbs Kat Copsey
Vice-chairman Dan Nolan Dan Nolan
Secretary Kat Copsey Vacant
Treasurer Jeff Sherrin Jeff Sherrin
Membership Secretary Harry Davies Vacant
BB Director Freesia Day Ala Jackson

Non-executive members – Non committee roles but are still essential to the running of the club
2007 Proposed 2008
Training voucher co-ordinator NA Martyn Cornish
Club Kit Co-ordinator Kat Copsey Gary Wolsencroft
Social Secretary Paul Barrett Paul Barrett
Membership administrator. NA Jaynie Phillips
New member contact co-ordinator Ala Jackson Ala Jackson
Health & Safety NA Dean Frost
Welfare Officer Nicole Joseph Vacant
Coaching Officer Rob Harvey Rob Harvey
Press/PR Andy Quicke Andy Quicke
Webmaster Rob Harper Rob Harper
Newsletter Dean Frost Konrad Steinert
BB Director’s assistant (1) NA Vacant
BB Director’s assistant (2) NA Vacant
New Member Contact–Mon Eve-MAC Harry Davies Harry Davies
New Member Contact–Tue Eve–MS Guy Dobson Vacant
New Member Contact–Wed Eve– LP Helen Sloman Helen Sloman
New Member Contact–Thu Eve-MAC Andy Chalmers Andy Chalmers /
/ Ken Houston Ken Houston
New Member Contact–Fri Eve–Stretfd Kat Copsey Kat Copsey
New Member Contact–Sat am–MS John Murray John Murray
New Member Contact–Sat am- Turbo Jo Thomas Jo Thomas
New Member Contact–Sun Eve–MAC Bethan James Bethan James
New Member Contact–Tue/Thu am–MS NA Vacant
New Member Contact–Tue Eve–Turbo NA Vacant
New Member Contact–Sunday bike NA Vacant
New Member Contact–Saturday runs NA Vacant
New Member Contact–TBA NA Vacant
Junior Representative Nina McArthur Nina McArthur
Duathlon Co-ordinators Martin Webb Martin Webb/Andy Fardon
Commercial Liaisons Jeremy Bygrave Jeremy Bygrave
Membership Payment Tracking rep NA Caroline Slaughter
Training weekend organiser Hannah Lancashire Sarah Lees
NoEAA affiliations co-ordinator NA Verity Collett
Road-Relays Coordinator NA Verity Collett
Cross-Country Coordinator NA Paul Skipper
Trail / Fell Races coordinator NA Sarah Lees
National Team Relays co-ordinator Jo Harvey Jo Harvey
Club accounts auditor Alister Harris Alister Harris
Boundary Breeze accounts auditor NA Daniel McParland
Maintaining Club Records and Honours Board NA Vacant
Running the Club Awards Series NA Vacant

NB Club coaches not included here as these are sourced through the head coach. Session collectors are also co-ordinated outside of the AGM, and so haven’t been included here either.

Training voucher co-ordinator job description
This should be a fairly straight-forwards role that will involve two simple tasks
- Regularly checking Paypal for any purchased training vouchers
- Sending out training vouchers using printed labels
The person taking over this role will therefore need access to the internet. A label printer will be provided, as will all other stationery required by the voucher co-ordinator.

It is anticipated that this role may well need additional time at the start of January as this is when the majority of the vouchers will be purchased. For the remainder of the year, it is estimated that this role will only need 1-2 hours per week effort maximum.

Secretary Job description
-Deal promptly with all correspondence on the club’s behalf.
-Answer any email membership queries raised by potential / new members, or forward to the appropriate member of the committee
-Maintain records of meetings correspondence etc. in an effective manner ensuring that members are aware of decisions made.
-Lead specific projects as required by the Club
-Ensure that all members are informed of events & decisions as necessary.
-Ensure that meeting agendas are prepared and distributed in partnership with the club committee
-Co-ordinate all preparations for the AGM ensuring that this is done in line with the club’s constitution
-Take minutes of all Management Committee meetings and ensure they are communicated efficiently to all club members and coaches.

Membership secretary job description
Attend committee meetings to discuss membership issues, and supply updates from the Membership Administrator, the New Members Contact Co-ordinator and the Membership Payment Tracking rep.
Ensure the above three people are all working towards the same goal in terms of membership and there is no overlap in roles
Provide arbitration over membership disputes.
Supply input into the decision making process for annual review of membership costs and membership options
Ensure the latest membership information is on the website (via the webmaster)
Handling email queries regarding membership

NB The membership secretary is not now responsible for maintaining the membership spreadsheet, issuing of membership cards, or chasing up non-payers – these are now the responsibility of the Membership Administrator and the Membership Payment Tracking rep respectively.
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Postby Dabbsy » Tue Nov 13, 2007 10:10 am

Thanks to Martyn Cornish who has now volunteered for the Training Voucher Co-ordinator. I'll update the above to reflect this.

This will also be going on the website, and should also get emailed out, both in a format that is easier to read!
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Postby Dabbsy » Mon Dec 03, 2007 3:02 pm

For all those attending tonight, be aware that Man Utd are at home, so traffic could be bad - might be worthwhile leaving a few extra minutes to ensure you get there on time,
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Postby JPS » Tue Dec 04, 2007 4:44 pm

So what was decided yesterday?
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Postby bethan » Wed Dec 05, 2007 12:00 am

Strange that no-one's replied...and nothing on the forum, at the time of writing, as to what was decided/discussed at last night's annual club meeting. Is this general practice or is in considered that if you wanted to know you could have come?

As for attendance, again this might be general practice, but about 10% of membership present...why? Was there a reason why an option was given of attending the AGM or attending a swim session?
I'm aware that these are "newbie person's questions" but perhaps some others who are new would also be curious, if we're such a thriving club.

It was my first experience of an AGM so nothing to compare it to, only school governor's meetings where you sign a list to say you attended, minutes are collected, the agenda is sent out before-hand, as are any other documents that might need to be read prior to discussing them. I don't have much of a head for figures so it would it have been nice to have seen stuff before-hand.

Those that had put their names forward for committe positions were passed in the absence of any other interested parties. But there was not a "handing over" of Chair as such. I think I was expecting the 'new committe members' part of the evening to have more of a significance - a welcome to the new Chair from someone and an acceptance speech from the new Chair.

Some useful points were discussed re the new payment format, how the collector's job would be different and how the coaches would keep info about any health issues of those participating in sessions. (this info will be sent out to members)
Notice was given of additional coached sessions in Jan. Thanks was given to members who have given of their time to make certain things happen within the club on a voluntary basis.

So I left the meeting pleased that I had attended and yet with quite a few questions playing around in my mind.

...that's my experience of the AGM. Anybody else...??
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Postby gadobson » Wed Dec 05, 2007 9:42 am

I would say there were a few interesting / controversial topics of conversation. I'm sure there will be an update soon.

I'm more worried about how Power Hungry Kat will become! :D

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Postby viv » Wed Dec 05, 2007 10:40 am

Thanks for the update Bethan. I would guess its more a case of no-one 'official' finding time to write yet rather than anything more sinister. 10% probably isn't that bad from my experience, our cycle club one normally gets just the committee plus some old boys that always go - not many new members turn up. Sorry to have missed it myself, prior (& equally mundane) engagement.
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Postby Kat » Wed Dec 05, 2007 6:24 pm

Hi all
I have a stupid amount of work to do for college at the moment so
I'll get the minutes written up asap.
Can anyone remember where I parked my car?
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Postby Sonia H » Wed Dec 12, 2007 10:19 am

Hi... I can't complain as I didn't attend the AGM.. but was wondering what the consensus/agreement was for the club fees for next year, as they do need renewing soon and I need to weigh up my options.
Cheers Sonia
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Postby Martyn » Wed Dec 12, 2007 11:17 am

Maybe i misunderstood what was said at the meeting, but I remember hearing that the total amount payable for those choosing the standing order option would be the same as the one lump sum arrangement - i.e. £200. The meeting minutes suggest otherwise...
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