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MTC Turbo Sessions for 2007/8

Postby Rob Harvey » Wed Oct 10, 2007 12:22 am

The clubs turbo sessions will begin again from November. Details as follows:

Stretford Leisure Centre 19.30-21.00 - Coach: Rob Harvey (from 02/11/2007 until 30/05/2008)

Moss Side Leisure Centre 10.00-11.00 - Coach: Nick Thomas (from 03/11/2007 until 28/03/2008 after which it will be replaced by the Bike/Run Brick Session at Longford)

Moss Side Leisure Centre 20.00-21.00 - Coach: TBC (from 06/11/2007 until 29/04/2007)

These sessions will only continue as long as they are supported so get yourself down as often as possible. If you have the time and the energy there is no problem doing more than one in a week. For the essential info about turbo training see the Activity Card below.

Activity Card - Bike: Turbo

What will be provided?

Session Plan
HR / RPE tables to help judge intensity
Music (where available)
Fans (where available)
Exercise mats to raise the front wheel of the bike
Mats for stretching and core stability/strength exercises

What do you need to bring?

Turbo trainer (preferably fluid or mechanical)
Bike with slick tires
Cycling shoes
2 x Towel to mop up sweat from you and bike/floor!
1 x 750ml drink (as a minimum)
Optional: Heart rate monitor, Bike computer and rear wheel mounted speed cadence sensor or power meter!
Ideal: Knowledge of your maximum heart rate achieve whilst cycling, maximum power achieve during final minute of a ramp test, CP5/20/30, etc

What should you wear?

Cycling / Tri-Short (lycra with a degree of padding)
Cycling top, running vest or t-shirt – you will sweat a lot!
Cycling shoes

Activity Description

Although it would be great to be able to train outdoors on your bike all year round, living in England makes this difficult. During the winter dark nights / cold weather make it safer to train indoors. Some session are also easier to do on a turbo where you don’t need to worry about cars, traffic lights, pot-holes, roundabouts……….

A turbo trainer is simply a stand onto which you can put your bike so that you can ride indoors. By using perceived exertion, heart rate, cadence, resistance / gear ratios, speed or power the intensity of effort can be varied to provide and unlimited number of training sessions. As you can use your own bike it is more specific than a spin-class or exercise bike in the gym. Training in the company of others also makes it easier to motivate yourself to work hard. Having a coach available to watch you during the session means that any obvious issues with bike set-up and cycling position, pedalling technique or choice of cadence can be quickly and easily identified.

The sessions will be structured throughout the season to make sure you are ready for the racing season. For more information see the Manchester Triathlon Club Annual Training Plan.


Turn up 10 minutes before the start of the session so you can begin setting up as quickly as possible. It is your responsibility to safely set-up your turbo trainer and bike although the coach can be asked for advice. It is a good idea to practice setting up your turbo at home before coming to the session to make sure it is in working order. Also make sure you have an appropriate rear skewer that fits your turbo attachment. Make sure tyres are properly inflated. Bring your own tools and spare to make any required adjustments. These will not be provided by the coach. Make sure your bike should be 'reasonably clean' so as not to leave mud/dirt all over the facility floor. As well as a towel to 'mop your brow' a second towel to wipe down your bike and the floor after the session.


Gold - Free
Bronze - £4

For more information, email:
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