MTC Winter Training Duathlons 2009

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MTC Winter Training Duathlons 2009

Postby skip » Mon Jan 05, 2009 12:45 am

Manchester Triathlon Winter Training Duathlons 2009

Some of the information in this post / email is provisional. Please check for finalised information after Sunday 11th Jan.

Duathlon 1: Sunday 18th January 2009
Duathlon 2: Sunday 15th February 2009*
Duathlon 3: Sunday 8th March 2009*

*To be confirmed with land owner after running of first duathlon

Boundary Water Park
On the A50
Allostock (nr Knutsford)

(Where the swim for boundary breeze is. See Boundary breeze directions for more details, remember the duathlons are taking place from Boundary water park and NOT Allostock village hall.) ... tions.html

What is it?
The MTC winter duathlons are a 10mile (16k) Cycle followed by a 5k run.
The aim of the session is to allow participants to do some training at intensities approaching race intensity in order to help prepare the body for the season ahead.

10 mile Cycle
(Participants are set off at intervals – see start sheet for your individual start time. Highway code to be obeyed)

(The clock doesn’t stop but please remember timing is present only to enable you to monitor your own progress. It is winter, a little extra time making sure your wearing the appropriate attire is advised.)

5k Run

Tea / Coffee and snacks from the on site shop.
Please support the Boundary Water park shop with your custom as they have kindly let us run the training session at a cost that allows the club not to levy any additional cost to the members

Who can take part and what does it cost?
MTC training duathlons are for MTC members only. For insurance reasons there can be no exception to this.

The cost for the session is the same as any other MTC training session.

Gold Members = FREE
Bronze Members = ONE Training voucher

The sessions are aimed at all members from novice to seasoned triathlete. Despite the timing the atmosphere is very relaxed and informal. The three duathlons enable people to monitor fitness progression.
(Although due to a maximum of 30 participants per duathlon it may not be possible for people to be accepted into all 3)

What Happens on the day?
Parking is on site at Boundary water park. If directed to do so please park where advised. (Other people such as anglers use Boundary water park, for the future of the session we must avoid causing them inconvenience.)

There are toilet facilities on site but they are very basic.

Registration and number collection will commence form 9:30 to 10:00.
You must present a valid 2009 membership card and if a bronze member a training voucher.
Numbers are to be worn on your back for the cycle an front during the run.
Number belts are fine.

There will be a short briefing at 10:15

Your number will dictate our start time. With the first rider starting at 10:30
Numbers and start times will be posted up at registration. (We will aim to also post them on the forum prior to the event.)
Remember to leave enough time cycle to the start line.

On completion of the cycle leg please leave your bike where advised.
This is still being confirmed please check emails/forum in week prior to duathlon.

In the event of not completing the duathlon please report to one of the marshals so that all participants can be accounted for.

After you have finished tea, coffee (90p) and snacks are available from the on site shop. Please bring some money and stay for a drink and a chat. This will ensure the future of the duathlons.

Times (Including splits) will be posted on the forum soon after the session.

Although not an event the training duathlon will be run according to British triathlon rules and regulations where appropriate. These can be found on the british triathlon website.

How Can I help?
In order for the training Duathlons to take place volunteer are needed.
A minimum of two volunteers are required for each duathlon.
Please add your name to the thread / pm / email.
These will not take place if people do not come forward

How Do I Enter?
Place your name on the thread for the date(s) you desire to take part.
Entries are limited to 30 per duathlon. If the duathlons are over subscribed it may not be possible to take part in as many as desired.

If putting your name down for more than one please indicate first choice, 2nd choice etc.

MTC Training Duathlon 1. 18th Jan 2009
MTC Training Duathlon 2. 15th Feb 2009
MTC Training Duathlon 3. 8th March 2009

Bike & Run Courses and Transition area
These are still to be finalised
Please check back in the week prior to the duathlon

It is entirely the responsibility of the individual to know both the bike and run courses. The routes will not be marshalled. They may be signs up but this cannot be guaranteed, this will be covered during the briefing. People must familiarise themselves of the route prior to the duathlon

Provisional courses can be found below
Bike 9.7miles (1 loop)

Run 5.4k (3 loops)

Please leave a note on the thread
PM me
Email me at pmskip2003 “at”
or Call 0788-


Please do not use this thread to express your interest in takin part in one of the duathlons use the appropriate thread

MTC Training Duathlon 1. 18th Jan 2009

MTC Training Duathlon 2. 15th Feb 2009

MTC Training Duathlon 3. 8th March 2009

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Re: MTC Winter Training Duathlons 2009

Postby Andy F » Mon Jan 05, 2009 12:58 am

Nice one Skip... :D
Please put me down for:
January - Help out
February - Take part (1st choice)
March - Take part (2nd choice)
Many thanks
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Andy F
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Re: MTC Winter Training Duathlons 2009

Postby Kat » Mon Jan 05, 2009 4:28 pm

Thanks Skip

I can also help out for the January one and would like to do the one in March.


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Re: MTC Winter Training Duathlons 2009

Postby kenny » Mon Jan 05, 2009 10:40 pm

Hi Skip
Kenny and Owen take part in Feb (1st choice)
march(2nd choice)
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Re: MTC Winter Training Duathlons 2009

Postby Gill » Mon Jan 05, 2009 11:45 pm

Hi Skip

Could you put me down for Jan and can help with Feb .


Gill (Crennell)
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Re: MTC Winter Training Duathlons 2009

Postby Paul Schofield » Tue Jan 06, 2009 12:55 am

Hi Skip,

I'm up for the January event. If there's space I'd like to do Feb aswell.

Many thanks,

Paul Schofield
Paul Schofield
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Re: MTC Winter Training Duathlons 2009

Postby JPS » Tue Jan 06, 2009 11:15 am


I'd like to do Jan and March please. I'll help out in Feb....
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Re: MTC Winter Training Duathlons 2009

Postby skip » Tue Jan 06, 2009 12:39 pm

Please use the indivdual threads to register interest in taking part in the duathlons.

(also in the training section)

I will add the names on this thread into each duathlon but it makes it easier if they are all in one place


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Re: MTC Winter Training Duathlons 2009

Postby sam s » Fri Jan 09, 2009 5:45 pm

Hi, i'm fairly new member have only been to a couple of run/ bike sessions but would like to help in feb and compete in march if thats possible.

Cheers Sam
sam s
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Re: MTC Winter Training Duathlons 2009

Postby skip » Sun Jan 11, 2009 3:15 pm

Origional post has been updated with new (finalised) courses.
I'm putting together an on the day info pack as we speak which will have explanations of the courses and a copy of the risk assessment.

Both bike and run courses have been altered.

Bike -
The old course was deemed not ideal as one of the junctions has a stop sign where we thought there was a give way sign. Meaning people should obey the highway code and come to a complete stop.
The alterative course is slightly under 10 miles but we belive is close enough and offers greater safety.

When we pui the origional 5k course up we were concerned there may be too much running on the road. This is the case and we have found a 3 lap route that will be just over 5k. (5.4k)
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